Just the facts about vidalia onions can be found at the Vidalia Onion website. Such as how many counties in Georgia are vidalia onions grown in? Who gave vidalia onions as White House gifts?

Did you know that onions are fat-free and low in calories and are also a good source of vitamin C…. Just a few of the facts you will find on the Vidalia Onion website.

We hear it a lot about how sweet these vidalia onions are, BUT…how about making a cake with them. Didn’t sound very good to me until I read the list of ingredients…. after reading it I must admit it sounded like something that I might have to try. Happily Ever After Onion” Chocolate Cake

It is almost time for vidalia onions to be shipped to the Alpena area. Once again the Alpena Shrine Club will have these wonderful seasonal onions available for you to enjoy. This year the Alpena Shrine Club is accepting advanced reservations from you to get your own bags of these sweet onions…. and of course you will be helping a very good cause in purchasing them from a local Shrine Club member.

   Call one of the local Alpena Shrine Club members

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