Last night I had the pleasure of attending Rachael’s Challenge, an event that was hosted by our local school. I attended the session that was designed for the parent. There had been 2 other age appropriate presentations earlier in the day.

Rachel’s Challenge is a series of student empowering programs and strategies that equip students and adults to combat bullying and ally feelings of isolation and despair by creating a culture of kindness and compassion. The programs are based on the writings and life of 17 year-old Rachel Scott who was the first student killed at Columbine High School in 1999. Rachel left a legacy of reaching out to those who were different, who were picked on by others, or who were new at her school.

There were many messages in the presentation but all combined together I think the main focus was on being nice to each other and making an effort to accept people as they are.

Rachel was an aspiring author, much of the presentation was laced with her writings… Start a chain reaction of kindness and compassion. People will never know how far a little kindness and compassion can go.

One of Rachel’s heroes was Ann Frank, “you can always give something.. even if it is just kindness.

The presenter left us with 5 challenges…

#1 Eliminate Prejudice
Look for the best in others.
Give people 3 opportunities before you judge them

#2 Dream BIG
Write down your goals, keep a journal
Your never to old to dream BIG.

#3 Choose Positive Influences
Your input will determine your output.
Rachael choose to reach out to
* Special needs kids
* New students
* Students that were being picked on

#4 Speak With Kindness
Words can hurt or heal

#5 Start Your Own Chain Reaction

I enjoyed the program very much and the presenter did an excellent job. There were many students in the audience, they all had heard this message earlier in the day but choose to hear it again. I applaud those kids. They took Rachel’s Challenge.. I hope they continue the chain reaction.

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