Do you live in a close knit community?

I am not talking about a community where everyone knows everyone else’s Personal Business… I am talking about knowing what local businesses are in your community and about supporting them.

I live in a very small community that is surrounded by very large cities. I live in an area that most people would call a very rural area. I am surrounded by farm land…. I live in a Close Knit Community.

In my community we have several churches, a gas station, a grocery store, a Doctor as well as a Dentist. I can get my car fixed as well as buy new tires. I can handle all of my insurance needs as well as go to the Post Office and stop by my Local Bank. I could buy a TV or a refrigerator or get anything like that repaired.

We also have a pizza parlor a couple of restaurant and of course we have the Local Tavern. One of our restaurants specializes in Mexican food and people come from all over to eat there. We also have a huge Farmer’s Co-op that sells all sorts of things in addition to taking care of the farmers and their crops. We have a beautiful new Library and Township Office Building.

Our school system is one of the best around. People move here just so that their children can attend our school. Or school offers one of the best programs available for the hearing impaired. We also have several clubs and organizations here in my Close Knit Community. One club puts on an event at Christmas time that brings in 20,000 people to a parade that is held at night and all of the parade entries are adorned with lights. It is a must see event.

On the outskirts of our community we have a huge greenhouse and in the summer we have many produce stands that offer fresh fruits and vegetable. I always call my local plumber or my local electrician when I have a problem. We had some remodeling done and we used a local builder.

We often hear the expression… “Shop Local” That is what I always try to do…. Do you?

Shopping local is good for the community. It keeps money in your own area rather than sending it off somewhere else. Perhaps more people would Shop Local if they knew what actually was available to them in their own community. What if there was a way to have all of the businesses connected… a Close Knit Community so to speak.

The idea of having the community connected would be a help not only to residents but also to the business owners as well. The residence would know what is available on a local level and the business would be able to share with the community what they are able to offer. It would be a win win for both.

I am reminded of the local group that many communities had called The Welcome Wagon. When a new person moved to the community a designated person would stop by and welcome them. The new residents were left information packets about what their new community had to offer. This was one of the best ways for local businesses to be introduced to the new community member. Over time that packet of information would be misplaced, pitched or contain out-dated information.

A modern day Welcome Wagon is available and it is as close as your computer. If all of the local businesses were connect to each other through a central location and residents would be able to find what they were looking for that too would be a perfect win win situation. That modern day Welcome Wagon can be created for your own community using Facebook.

This site will be for you to form your own Close Knit Community. You will learn how to setup your own Facebook business page so that you will have an internet presence to help your business grow. Your page can be elaborate or it can be a simple page that tells what you do, where your located, your hours and a phone number or email address.

This site will also show example of what others are doing to give you ideas about how this all works together for everyone’s benefit. Once you understand the concept of how Facebook will be able to help your business and also your community grow, you will want to be one of the first to get your own Facebook page so that others will “Like” it!…. and if you don’t know what that term means you really do have to dig in deeper to what is available to help you grow your business as well as your own community all at the same time.

I am what is called a Virtual Community Organizer (VCO) won’t you join me in getting involved with your own community to help each other grow and prosper.

This post also has a video if you would rather hear me tell you about this.
You can find the video here…

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