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Brighton Dining

I was reading a “Local Detroit” magazine the other day and came across a very interesting ad. I could hardly wait to get home and check out the website.

What a Concept!

I have been racking my brain trying to use the concept and apply it to the small town where I live.
The website is
Brighton, Michigan is located where 23 and 96 cross. Brighton Dining is made up of 11 family owned and operated restaurants. All of the restaurants are located within walking distance of each other. They all offer a very diverse cuisine. Looking at the menus it would be hard for me to choose which one to dine at first.
But… it is the concept of “WHY” they have all joined together that makes the website so unusual.
The group consists of 11 restaurants all in a very small area and in a city of less than 10,000 people. They are not in competition with each other, they are in competition with the chain restaurants… like the Applebee’s and the Ruby Tuesdays.
Joining together as they have done and promoting as one will be good for all I am sure.
I can’t help but think that this “concept” could be used to promote my Close Knit Community.

Smash Toledo

Smash Toledo has just posted their first video….. Can’t wait to see the next one in the series.

Smash Toledo promotes the “shop local” theme.. it is all about keeping money in your own community.

Smash Toledo will be an online food & beverage discovery hub for the best the city of Toledo, Ohio and surrounding areas have to offer.

Make Your Own Logo

I have found a new tool for you to play with to make your own logo. Don’t worry it isn’t going to bite you. If you don’t like it you can always delete your new creation.

The best part is it is Free… Go ahead and give it a whirl..
You might surprise yourself at how clever you are…

     Click banner below to be taken to your new toy

Here are a couple of videos to show you how easy it is to create your own logo. First you will pick out your industry. Then your going to find a symbol… you can use the search box to help. Watch the first video to be guided.

Watch the next 2 videos and then create your logo!
Easy Peasy!

Brilliant Marketing TIP

I just thought this was such a great marketing idea I just had to share it with you.

I was shopping last week and I had to use the store restroom. I walked into the stall and turned to lock the door… There hanging on the hook that is meant to hold your coat or your purse was an Avon Book with a sample in a clear plastic bag….

Now mind you I don’t buy Avon, It had been years since I had even looked at an Avon book but… while I was sitting and looking at that clear plastic bag with and Avon Book and a sample, I thought well if I don’t take it someone else will

So I did… I gave it to my Mother-in-Law to look at, She has marked off several items of what she would like. I asked her if she was ready for me to place her order And she told me she was not done shopping in it yet. She has not even let ME look at it yet.

Do you think that was a brilliant marketing idea?

I have a blog called… YouCanEatMyDirt.Com
I printed business cards with that written on it. People are curious to know WHY???? anyone would want to eat dirt.

Several years ago I purchased cards that when folded looked just like $100.00 bills. I put a web address on them and stuck them or dropped them. It is a good idea to place tracking on stuff like that so you will know if it works or it does not.

Of course I would like to think I am brilliant but let me do a fess up here…
I printed off 1000 cards for a project I was doing and I spelled the word Website without the “b” it read Wesite.

Now you know I looked at the thing 100 times. I had to play till I had everything centered. I sent it to a friend of mine… she too thought it was brilliant. Then I sent it to another friend and he said what is a wesite? Of course I had no idea what he was talking about. But.. I never passed out another card.
So I have about 950 cute cards that I use for notes and reminders. I always hope they never leave the house.

After all who would want to do business with a person who can’t spell? To me it was very Unprofessional.

Can’t see the forest for the trees comes to mind.

Do you have people like this working for YOU?

We hear it again and again. Perhaps it is repeated so often because it is so true…
It is all in how you treat people!

I want to tell you about 2 gals that know how to treat people. They treat people so well that they have a very loyal list of customers. Both these gals know how to build lists, Annie and Margret.

I have been on both Annie and Margret’s lists for many years. These 2 gals have one thing in common. There are both cashiers at different stores where I shop.

I have often wrote about how much I enjoy shopping at Target. The Target store I always shop at is in Monroe, Michigan. This is where I first met Annie.

Annie is a delightful older woman. Over the years I have learned many things about Annie, her children and her grandchildren. I have also learned about her husband, he is semi-retired. They both love to garden. How she came from a very large family. She grew up a bit north of Monroe. Her mother raised her and her siblings mostly by herself after her father died at a very young age.

Now mind you I know Annie not because we ever went out to lunch together or have we ever had a phone conversation….. It is all because I am on her list.

Margret is another fine list builder. Margret works at the Kroger store in Dundee, Michigan. She has worked there for many many years. I have had the pleasure of being on her list for almost all of those years.

I know that Margret and her husband both enjoy going to the casino. I like hearing about their trips that they take. You can tell by the way Margret talks that they enjoy each others company and look forward to their casino trips together. Margret is also a bowler… and gosh when they go out of town on a bowling tournament you can bet those gals find a great casino to visit.

Once again I have never gone to lunch with Margret but it is because I am on her list.

Whenever these gals are working I always get into their checkout lines. It doesn’t matter that these lines may have more people in them. Nor does it matter that the people in line may have lots of items in their carts…

None of that matter, because these gals are master list builders. They have both developed a loyal following.

I was in Annie’s line one day and a new checker was opening her line. She went to the gal in front of me and told her if she stepped over to her line she would check her out. The gal politely told her, “no thanks. I’m waiting for Annie.” I had to snicker to myself because she next asked me to step to her line and she would check me out. I too told her, “no thanks, I’ll wait for Annie as well.

No one can tell me that both Annie and Margret and not master list builders.

Over the years while going through that process of “checking out” I make it a point to go to Annie and Margret lines because I genuinely want to keep up with what is happening.

These gals must have taken the Magnetic Sponsoring course.. It is all about attraction marketing. People seek THEM out.

Both Target and Kroger are lucky to have gals like these working for them.

It is the same when you go to your favorite restaurant and ask to be seated in the station that your favorite waitress will be taking care of you. She too has built a list.

It all comes down to list building. I have subscribed to both Margret’s and Annie’s list because…
I know, like and trust them.

Do you have gals like Annie and Margret working for you? Good employees are hard to find. Gals like this help you build your list and your business.