It is that time of year again….time for those delicious vidalia onions to arrive. The Alpena Shrine Club will once again be selling those much awaited onions that are only available at a certain time of year. This year the Club is allowing you to reserve your bags of onions in advance of them arriving in Alpena.

I eat these sweet onions with everything but my favorite way to eat them is to slice them up with sliced cucumbers and tomatoes, I then pour over a good stout Greek or Italian dressing. So simple but so good. My mouth is watering now anticipating the flavor of that wonderful combination.

If you need more ideas of what to do with these vidalia onions you can go to the Vidalia Onion website. On this site you will find a handy widget that your able to select a main ingredient and category… You will then be given a list of ideas using vidalia onions. I put in Chicken & Casserole… One of the recipes I got back was
Mexican Onion Casserole  I am ignoring the number of calories that must be in it but it sure sounds good to me. You will have fun playing with that handy widget on their site.

Call one of the local Alpena Shrine Club member listed below:


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